Relax: Visitors are not only welcome at St. John, they're expected. We will not ask you to stand up and introduce yourself, or anything that makes you uncomfortable. We hope you'll feel at home here.

Please mute your cell phones in consideration of others around you. 

We love to have children in worship. If you have restless children, we have some activity bags, with books and coloring pages). You can find these in the back of the sanctuary. If they do get too loud, please don't hesitate to use the unstaffed nursery. Thanks for bringing them.

Please fill out the red "Friendship Folder" that is passed during the service. If you'd like a little more information about St. John, would like a visit from the pastor, or if you would be interested in joining St. John, please check the appropriate spaces.

Library Hours are before & after worship on Sunday morning and during office hours during the week. A book and video return box is located beneath the mailboxes in the east foyer.

Church office hours are 8am to noon, and 1pm - 5pm, Mon-Fri

Restrooms are found on the main level in the east entryway and on the west side of the Fellowship Hall. Restrooms also on the upper and lower levels are on the west end of the hall.

Transportation to and from worship can be arranged by calling Project Car (332-2777) 24 hours or more in advance.

Baptisms may be scheduled for the 2nd, 4th or 5th Sundays or Saturday evening worship service. Please call the church office (336-3253) to schedule. 

Weddings must be scheduled a minimum of four months in advance to allow time for pre-marriage sessions.

Hospitalized? Our staff and visitation teams visit in Sioux Falls hospitals every day. Please inform admissions at the hospital that your church affiliation is "St. John American Lutheran Church," to help insure a visit.