Curious about what's in our church Library?  Click on the link to see if we have the book you are looking for.

St. John Library has many DVDs in the collection.  For those of you who are not big readers, this could be just the thing to bring entertainment into your home. The three shelves on the east wall are roughly divided into religious (top shelf), children (middle shelf), and family (bottom shelf).

Some of the religious books include The Judas Project, Ben Hur, The 10 Commandments, The DaVinci Code, The Tabernacle, and The Gospel Road.  We also have several DVD’s dedicated to biblical characters. Among them are: Jeremiah, Joshua, Paul the Apostle, Matthew, and of course, Jesus (Behold the Man). We also have one on Genesis and several on Martin Luther.

Children’s DVDs Include It’s a Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown, The Story Keeper’s Collection, Jonah, and several Veggie Tales stories. If you are not familiar with Veggie tales, it is Bible stories and principles told in cartoon form starring Larry the Cucumber and Bob the Tomato. Even Adults get a kick out of how these ideas are brought to life through the antics of vegetables.

Family videos include Little House on the Prairie Premier Movie, Little Women (Collector’s Series), Love’s Long Journey, The Last Sin Eater, Faith Like Potatoes, and Heidi.  All in all there are 95 videos ready for your check out. Remember, you can browse the list on the St. John website.

Please help your child (and you adults) remember to return the books as soon as you can. The book return is outside the library near the mailboxes.

Don’t forget to stop by the library and CHECK IT OUT!

                                    Linda the Librarian (Linda Weber)