2023 Council Members

Front Row: Rodney Hughes (Chair, Outreach Board), Tondi Sorenson (Chair, Youth Board), Kara Dirkson (Chair, Public Relations)

Middle Row: Doug Daniels (Treasurer), Jeff McIntyre (Vice President), Nancy Plienis (Chair, Visitation), Polly Hooks (Chair, Worship & Music), Dennis Hansen (President)

Back Row: Brenda Jones (Co-Chair, Social Concerns), Carson Pappas (Co-Chair, Social Concerns), Cari Spier (Chair, Education), Amber Devries (Secretary)

NOT PICTURED:  Lori Meyer (Chair, Fellowship), Karen Scarborough (Chair, Finance)

Council Vacancy: Stewardship Chair & Properties Chair

St. John Council members are elected each year at our Annual Meeting in January. The Council is made up of the Executive Committee (Presdient, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary) as well as the Chairpeople of our eleven Boards. A nominating committee meets each fall to nominate Council members for the following year and help is always needed on our Boards. If you're interested in serving on the Council or a Board, call the office for more information.