March 9, 2022

Dear friends:

St. John Council, convening last evening for its March meeting, acted on recommendations of its Wellness Team per masking and distancing protocols at all St. John activities moving beyond, hopefully, of our very long season of COVID, and so asks St. John members to soldier on in the following ways:   

  • Masks, while strongly recommended for neighbor’s sake, are no longer mandated.  But please do remember that the unvaccinated are still among us, and those especially vulnerable to viral infection remain vulnerable.  Not taken up by Council because it just goes without saying:  If you’re not feeling well, just stay home.
  • Social-distancing is still strongly recommended throughout the sanctuary and church proper but will be mandated, so to speak, by “taping” off pews only in the back few rows of St. John’s worship space.  Worshipers still quite conscientious about physical distancing may find such easier to accomplish in taped-off areas.
  • Elements for Communion (bread & grape juice) will, for a short while longer, be distributed amid  worshipers using the usual self-contained, hermetically-sealed, “harrumph!”-inducing, containers, no less impossible to open than before but handled by much fewer hands and so, incredibly safe.
  • Coffee Hour commences Sundays, going forward, in the St. John Fellowship Hall right after we say the Benediction and extinguish the candles in worship. (Exact time for coffee hour is subject to change depending upon who is preaching and how long he holds forth in the pulpit, but should under normal circumstances be within five minutes and 30 seconds of 10:30 a.m.)

 Thank you for your patience and kindness and care through all our days and months and years of pandemic.  Your grace has been giving, loving, selfless, and breathtaking beautiful. 

Please also know that worship service videos at St. John are also available via St. John’s Website:   www.stjohnlutheran.net  and our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/StJohnAmericanLutheranChurchSF